The Infinite Loop

Using the enchantment of VR (virtual reality), teams compete to free a prisoner from the virtual world. Rapid-fire challenges are recorded on an electronic leaderboard, fostering a spirit of enjoyable, cordial competition.

This exercise is the very first VR-based team building activity in the world. As a simulation and role-playing game, it is intended to demonstrate the value of constant feedback and progress. Teams of all sizes gain when they return to the workplace with these essential abilities. Moreover, it’s a lot of fun.
Your group will switch their familiar real-world roles for those of virtual-world personas. Their aim is to rescue a young guy who has been imprisoned in the virtual world. Based on real-time cooperation and communication, this curriculum emphasizes iterative learning with a steep learning curve.
While everyone has access to some vital information, none has the whole picture. The more accurately virtual gamers can communicate and define their situation, the quicker their teammates in the real world can discover a solution. Obviously, only one team can.
Team size: 10 – 250
Time needed: 2 – 3 hours
Space requirement

This event works best in a large, open space where teams have room to use their amazing VR glasses to the fullest.

Ideal for:

  • Increasing collaboration
  • Developing communication skills
  • Enhancing creative problem-solving
  • Establishing leadership skills
  • Motivating the team


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*Infinite Loop is also available as a virtual online event.

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