The Infinite Loop Online

Welcome to the first-ever Virtual Reality team-building business game. After seeing its global success, we realized that a version tailored for remote teams was necessary.

This virtual team-building event is exciting, dynamic, and fast-paced. We’ve achieved the ideal blend of brain teasers, cooperative problem-solving, and friendly competition.
A young guy has been imprisoned aboard a spacecraft and must be freed; your squad operates in tiny teams in the virtual world to accomplish this objective. Teams must first get through a succession of closed doors to reach the boy. They can only be traversed by solving a difficult challenge.
Only one member of each team of four may see the spaceship’s entrance. He or she must effectively communicate with the other members of the team, who each own a card that may be used to open the door. Success involves attentive listening, perceptive questioning, and collaborative effort. A master screen that is accessible to all players records each team’s progress and maintains the level of excitement.
This one-of-a-kind event is both very entertaining and engaging. The future of team building has here.
Time size: 10 – 150
Time needed: 1.5 hours
Space requirement
The Infinite Loop Online is accessible from any location. Each participant must have a computer equipped with a webcam, microphone, and a stable Internet connection.
Ideal for
  • Increasing collaboration for virtual team
  • Developing online communication skills
  • Enhancing remote problem solving
  • Focusing on leadership & empathy


TeamBonding is completely customizable. Typically, this program is given through Zoom. Simply let us know if you prefer a different video conferencing platform.

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