The Big Picture

In this activity, your group creates a massive mural composed of several individual canvases. Initially, small groups work to accomplish their own areas. After completion, all components are combined to show the whole work of art.

The Big Picture is without a doubt one of the most successful, memorable, and significant conference team-building exercises available. There is no need for anybody to be frightened by the creative process, as our skilled and passionate facilitators will assist your teams through each stage of the process as they produce a magnificent piece of communal artwork.
This is an excellent activity for reminding teams to “keep the larger picture in mind” in their working life. It’s all about communication, teamwork, and pulling in the same direction, as in most aspects of life.
The finished piece of art is enormous. You may even choose to exhibit it permanently as a striking reminder of what can be accomplished through the power of teamwork. Thus, the advantages of this vibrant celebration will last long after the paint has dry.
Team size: 20 – 1,000
Time needed: 2+ hours
Space requirement:
A conference room with around 25 square feet per attendee. You will need tables that allow team members to move about while crafting their masterpieces easily. You will also need a location to put your completed mural for at least six hours while it dries.
Ideal for:
– Rapidly strategizing prior to taking action
– Analyzing options
– Managing effectively
– Managing ongoing enhancement
Tailoring: TeamBonding is completely customizable. Designing a mural that embodies your organization’s emblem, beliefs, brand images, etc., is the most prominent place to begin. Additionally, we are willing to collaborate with you to connect the general message of the experience with the points you like to emphasize.


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