Race Around The World

This competitive virtual treasure expedition, inspired by the popular television show Amazing Race, is a certain winner. Small teams must race across the world while completing entertaining and instructive travel-themed activities to win points.

Scavenger hunts have always been one of our primary areas of expertise. They are intrinsically entertaining. In addition, they generate tremendous engagement among teams of all sizes — even when those teams are working remotely.
In this edition, teams discover that attentively listening to receive and analyze information, observing facial clues, and speaking correctly are all crucial to their success. The Race Around the World is comprised of three stages, each of which has a range of interactive team activities. Each team selects an explorer. Using our innovative Go Team software, players then interact through video conference to direct their team’s explorer avatar.
Teams are required to fulfill their duties while collecting the greatest potential points. Opportunities will be maximized by a prompt reaction to real-time information and alerts. A countdown clock for each step keeps teams on their toes, and the team that checks in last receives no time estimate for the next part of the trip. The team that is the first to reach the finish line with the highest score wins the competition and earns bragging rights.
Even while working from home, we must all maintain a spirit of exploration and adventure. This is an ideal method for achieving this objective while fostering healthy relationships within your team.
Team size: 8 – 450
Time needed: 1.5 hours
Space requirement
It is possible to play Race Around the World anyplace. Each participant must have a computer equipped with a camera, microphone, and a steady Internet connection.
Ideal for
  • Improving virtual collaboration
  • Developing online communication skills
  • Enhancing remote problem solving
  • Bonding teams in a fun and engaging way
  • Sharing an inspirational experience as a group

Our professional facilitators will be there to assist your participants throughout the experience and provide a debriefing session to optimize learning results.
Additionally, we can host themed parties for any team celebration or holiday, like St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and many others…

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