Quickfire is a competitive, high-energy iPad-based team-building activity. This enjoyable series of mental, physical, and creative challenges will reward teams with the best collaboration. Major fun.

Quickfire is a high-tech game that consists of mental, physical, and imaginative tasks.
This occurrence is an ideal illustration. Each team will get an iPad in addition to the required challenge materials (a deck of cards, hacky sacks, play dough, sudoku, etc.). Teams must collaborate to score as many points as possible before time expires. The action progresses at an accelerating rate, generating an extraordinary atmosphere of fun, laughter, and urgency.
Teams are able to choose from hundreds of different tasks. Each has a fee to try in addition to a prize for accomplishment. Individuals demonstrate their own capabilities by picking the obstacles they are most confident in their ability to overcome. Players with comparable abilities might join together to overcome certain obstacles. Others, such as leadership, strategy, and effective communication, demand wider involvement and more specialized positions.
This engaging team-building game is certain to stimulate your group and have them discussing it long after the awards presentation.
Team size: 12 – 1200
Time needed: 1 – 2 hours
Space requirement
This event can be held virtually anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Each team will require a table, plus an additional long table to hold the challenge materials. A projector/screen with audio permits the addition of a countdown clock, a live scoreboard, and theme music for increased excitement.
Ideal for
  • Exploring excellence
  • Fun competition
  • Exercising team dynamics
  • Boosting morale


Quickfire is very adaptable; we are delighted to modify the tasks depending on your team’s composition, corporate culture, and event venue. Choose from sports, culinary, and decades-based trivia themes.

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