Quickfire Olympics Online

This online tournament is comprised of a lively sequence of mental, physical, and creative Olympic-themed trivia tasks intended to reward the most collaborative teams. Enjoy world-class amusement while competing for gold.

Quickfire Olympics supplies you with an all-inclusive, risk-reward-balanced gaming application that capitalizes on individual variations and talents. The Olympic-themed activities are offered in three difficulty levels, each with its own distinct prize.
Teams are able to accomplish some of the most difficult and rewarding jobs via innovative thinking, attentiveness, and initiative. They will want clear methods to properly accomplish as many problems as feasible within the allotted time. In the genuine spirit of collaboration, the team that communicates most effectively and promotes maximum involvement from all members will secure a seat on the virtual three-tiered podium reserved for the victor.
This fast-paced team-building activity is certain to invigorate your group and keep them talking about it long after the awards ceremony has over.
Team size: 8 – Unlimited
Time needed: 60 – 90 minutes
Space requirement
Virtual Quickfire Olympics may be played in any environment. Each participant will require a computer equipped with a camera, microphone, and a stable Internet connection.
Ideal for
  • Boosting meeting energy
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Exploring remote communication
  • Sharpening leadership skills
  • Working towards deadlines


TeamBonding is pleased to tailor this team-building activity to your company’s specific needs. Afterward, our expert facilitators may conduct a debriefing on any topic of your choosing. Depending on the season, we also provide Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics variations.

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