World Outside Your Window: Discover the Melody of Your Hometown, One Quest at a Time!

Connect with and immerse yourself in your immediate surroundings.

What’s the challenge?

“Window to the World Beyond” is a technology-driven team-building experience that invites participants to embark on an exploration of their local surroundings. Individuals autonomously undertake designated tasks, subsequently connecting with their team, either virtually or in person, to share their discoveries. The cumulative team score is derived from the sum of individual scores, emphasizing the significance of each team member’s contributions.

The game interface features four distinct types of environments, with players completing four tasks each day. Choosing a specific environment, participants engage in three tasks while also performing a daily Random Act of Kindness towards another person.

For every attempted task, players earn tokens, providing the flexibility to enhance their personal points or generously allocate tokens to fellow team members. This unique system unveils bonus tasks, contributing to the overall elevation of the team’s score.

What will you learn?

“World Beyond Your Window” is crafted to inspire players to venture into their surroundings, fostering a fresh engagement with their local environment. The thoughtfully devised bonus system serves as a catalyst for collaboration, reinforcing teamwork in a positive light. As participants share their experiences, actively listen, and reflect on the encounters of others, a strong team bond begins to form. This shared exploration cultivates heightened awareness and presence, fostering a deeper understanding of each individual’s role in contributing to a common goal. As the team bonds, individual motivation and engagement soar, propelling them forward in their collective pursuit of becoming the victorious team.

CSR Outcomes:

On a daily basis, players perform deliberate acts of kindness toward others. These actions promote a sense of personal responsibility for fulfilling civic duties and cultivate an awareness of how a single small act can ripple through society, creating a positive impact on the whole community.

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