Travel Show: Lights Shine on Your Team’s Cinematic Adventure!

Embark on a thrilling adventure as teams immerse themselves in a destination, conducting research, crafting scripts, rehearsing, and ultimately filming a mini travel documentary. This dynamic experience not only encourages exploration of the chosen location but also challenges teams to collaborate creatively in bringing their unique travel narratives to life. Engage in the complete filmmaking process and witness the transformation of your team into travel documentarians in this unforgettable and hands-on journey of discovery.

What’s the challenge?

Get ready for the ultimate challenge as your team steps into the shoes of travel show hosts in one of the most thrilling location-based team-building events ever! Transforming into a highly efficient on-location TV production unit requires meticulous resource management and clear role assignments: presenters, camera crew, sound, location management, props, and the indispensable director. Delving into the heart and soul of the chosen location is paramount, with experiences ranging from presenting amidst local delicacies to enduring unique adventures, like being strapped to the back of a camel!

Success hinges on each team’s creation of a 5-minute ‘video voyage’ meeting specific criteria: showcasing a diverse array of locations, historic buildings, markets, cultural attractions, and on-the-spot interviews with locals. The winning formula involves creative camera angles, vibrant local color, and expertly crafted filmmaking. The grand finale sees teams enjoying and critiquing each other’s shows, leaving with not only memories but also a fantastic souvenir of their immersive experience. Travel Show offers a creative and adventurous exploration of your conference or meeting location—an unmissable team-building adventure.

What will you learn?

Mastering the role of a highly efficient on-location film production unit presents teams with a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. A strategic approach is essential as teams meticulously plan resources and allocate roles such as presenters, camera crew, sound, location management, props, and director. This enjoyable and fulfilling event serves as an excellent avenue for participants to not only explore their own capabilities but also to deepen their understanding of each other and the local surroundings. The shared experience proves highly rewarding, offering valuable insights that can be revisited for review and reflection long after the activity concludes.

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