Time to Talk: Your Catalyst for Vibrant Team Discussions

A versatile and enjoyable tool for interactive engagement.

What’s the challenge?

Time to Talk serves as an ideal tool for initiating impromptu discussions and enhancing meetings, whether conducted virtually or in person. Following a concise onboarding process, participants enter dedicated breakout rooms and engage with the game on their mobile devices or desktops. This browser-based game ensures immediate accessibility without the need for application downloads. The atmosphere intensifies as the platform randomly selects a speaker, tasking them with a customized challenge within a specified timeframe. Speakers can opt for increased challenge difficulty, adding an extra layer of excitement. Upon completion, the remaining participants provide feedback, and the cycle continues until all have participated.

What will you learn?

Time to Talk is crafted to instigate impromptu conversations, fostering spontaneity and creativity among participants. Ensuring an equal platform for every player, it establishes an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are welcomed. The gameplay serves as an optimal setting for cultivating a feedback culture and promoting active listening, resulting in a camaraderie that enhances motivation, engagement, and fortifies corporate culture.
Time to Talk offers complete customization to align with your specifications. Tailor the overall duration, the number of rounds, and the time allocated to each speaker. Whether opting for a competitive or collaborative approach, select an informal networking activity to initiate enjoyable conversations or integrate tailored learning content for a more focused, outcomes-driven experience.

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