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Teams compete to free a prisoner who is stuck in the virtual world. This is done with the help of VR (virtual reality). Fast-paced challenges are kept track of on an electronic leaderboard, which adds to the fun and friendly spirit of competition.

This is the world’s first team-building activity that uses virtual reality. As a simulation and role-playing game, it’s meant to show how important it is to get feedback and make changes all the time. When people bring these important skills back to the office, it helps teams of all sizes. Also, it’s a lot of fun.
Your group will switch from the roles they play in real life to roles they play in a virtual world. Their job was to help a young man who was stuck in a virtual world. This program has a steep learning curve that focuses on iterative learning. It is based on real-time collaboration and communication.
Even though everyone knows some important facts, no one has the whole picture. The faster their teammates in the real world can figure out how to solve a problem, the more clearly players on the virtual side can explain what’s going on. The challenge can only be solved first by one team.

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