The Green Game: Soar Together, Build Together – A Bird-Loving Odyssey

Dive into team synergy with ‘The Green Game’—a dynamic, fun-filled eco-adventure. Uncover local ecology secrets, collaborate on challenges, and build trust. An immersive team-building experience that blends learning, laughter, and lasting connections for a greener future.


Welcome to “The Green Game,” a cutting-edge team-building event that G1 Team Building is pleased to present in the center of Missouri! It’s more than just a game; it’s an environmentally conscious journey that blends the excitement of building homes for our feathered, avian, and quadrupedal companions with socially conscious tasks.

Teams use iPads to participate in a series of “eco challenges” and earn sustainable materials to make Bat Boxes, Insect Hotels, and Bird Boxes. This is a one-of-a-kind experience. These tasks include a wide range of inventiveness, mental acuity, and physical agility in addition to being enjoyable. Teams must demonstrate creative ingenuity to strategically place their potential by solving tasks based on birds, bats, and insects that are catered to their special skills.

Effective communication, strategic planning, and decisive leadership are essential for success in “The Green Game.” Teams that are skilled at multitasking and gathering the resources they need to complete their job will have an advantage over their competitors. After the stockpile is safe, it’s time to get serious about the task at hand: assigning responsibilities and creating three environmentally appropriate wildlife habitats.

Under the careful guidance of detailed three-dimensional designs, teams set out on the thrilling task of constructing and embellishing wooden buildings. Because the decorative requirements add an additional degree of difficulty and ingenuity to the process, every little detail counts. The greatest benefit? Not simply the satisfaction of a job well done, but also the chance to give these expertly constructed Boxes to organizations, schools, or other communities.

More than just a team-building exercise, “The Green Game” offers an opportunity to positively influence the environment while encouraging cooperation, creativity, and a strong sense of achievement. Come along on this environmentally responsible journey with us, where each obstacle faced leads to a more connected, greener future.


Play the Green Game, a fun, considerate, interactive, and all-inclusive exercise that not only has a beneficial local impact but also promotes a pleasant group experience. Participants learn about the local ecology and how human activity affects the populations of native insects, birds, and bats. Teams find activities that encourage population growth and help to restore harmony in the surrounding environment during the game’s first phase.

Colleagues can meet, greet, and discuss team dynamics in a relaxed and casual environment thanks to the games. Effective cooperation is necessary for success since teams must jointly weigh the benefits and dangers. Participants have to express their knowledge and identify the problems they can confidently solve in order to beat the clock. As problems are successfully overcome, trust develops and a respect for each person’s special talents grows.


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