The Curio Show: A Team Building Experience in Deduction and Deception

The Curio Show is a captivating team building activity that blends the thrill of Antiques Roadshow with the wit of bluffing and deduction. Forget dusty vases and predictable plates – this game throws a diverse collection of curious objects at your team, ranging from the mystifying to the downright bizarre.

The Intricate Game Play:

  1. Curiosity Sparked: Teams embark on a journey of discovery, browsing the unique curios displayed on plinths. Simple questions ignite lively debates as teams ponder the age, value, and intended use of each object.
  2. Bluffing and Brilliance: The action heats up as teams take turns presenting three descriptions of an antique. Only one is true, while the others are clever fabrications. Can your team discern truth from trickery?
  3. The Reveal: The suspense builds as other teams attempt to guess the genuine description. Finally, the truth is unveiled, and the winning team basks in the glory (and perhaps a prize!).

Beyond the Game:

The Curio Show is more than just lighthearted entertainment. It fosters valuable skills that translate seamlessly into the business world:

  • Communication and Collaboration: Teams must work together, sharing observations and insights to navigate the mysteries of the curios.
  • Critical Thinking and Deduction: Analyzing clues and discerning truth from fiction hones your team’s ability to make sound decisions.
  • Creativity and Storytelling: Crafting compelling descriptions and unraveling the stories behind the objects ignites imagination and strengthens communication skills.

Expert Insights from Catalyst Team Building:

  • Embrace the Curiosity: Encourage open-mindedness and exploration as your team delves into the world of the curios.
  • Let the Laughter Flow: A relaxed and playful atmosphere fosters creativity and engagement, leading to deeper learning.
  • Celebrate the Connections: The Curio Show builds bridges between team members, forging lasting memories and strengthening relationships.

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