The Big Picture: Building Teams Beyond Boundaries

Teams unite to craft a colossal painting mirroring company values through collective effort.

What’s the challenge?

The journey of the team-building activity The Big Picture begins with the formation of tiny groups. Each team supplies themselves with brushes, paint, a diagram illustrating their individual canvas, and a blank canvas. Cooperatively, they blend paints, attaining the ideal hues and adding their artistic touch to the canvas. As the exercise progresses, teams rapidly realize the importance of inter-team collaboration to the overall success of the artwork.

Upon conclusion, The Big Picture’s climax occurs during the big reveal. After a reflective debriefing session, the masterpiece is revealed for the first time to all participants, eliciting resounding shouts and enthusiastic applause.

What will you learn?

At times, it’s essential to take a step back and contemplate the broader perspective, especially when assessing an organization’s internal operations and communication. In The Big Picture, the significance of teamwork, cooperation, and communication is underscored through the creation of an artistically epic masterpiece. Before the activity, our graphic designers collaborate with you to craft an artwork that mirrors your objectives, values, mission, and vision. With its inspirational magnitude and a breathtaking reveal, The Big Picture serves as a golden opportunity for any company to commemorate a shared vision and foster inclusivity among its employees.

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