Team Wellbeing: Achieve Work-Life Balance

Get your team excited about how their actions affect the well-being of the team as a whole. This will lead to a harmonious and productive work environment. Teams start a journey toward team well-being by putting an emphasis on a culture of positive actions and continuous learning. This is done with the goal of putting employee wellness first.

Boost Team Productivity and Happiness with Team Wellbeing!

Team Wellbeing is a collaborative team-building game where players are encouraged to think about their role in the team’s well-being, both during the game and back at the office. Teams do different physical, mental, and creative activities that are delivered through a team tablet. Each activity focuses on small, everyday actions and behaviors. Team Wellbeing happens in three stages. In the first phase, participants realize that their actions affect the well-being of others on the team. During the second phase, participants decide what they will do to improve the collective well-being. In the third phase, they realize that they need to keep taking action to develop consistent behavior. Teams make a plan with specific actions and timelines for everyone’s ongoing well-being and write it on the Tree of Wellbeing. The Tree of Wellbeing can be hung in the office as a reminder of their commitment to well-being and a push to keep taking action.

This Employee Wellness Program focuses on the four most important factors that affect health:

  • Communication with meaning means paying attention to how our words affect others.
  • Vitality and strength – mental and emotional health come from being physically healthy.
  • Joy and creativity: Being creative, taking a game-like approach, and being happy at work have all been shown to make a team more productive.
  • Relationship with nature.

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