Synergyk: Retro Fun Meets Teamwork!

Enhance your teamwork skills through engaging AI-driven minigames. ??

What’s the challenge?

In a conference room, a series of “Hall Games” under the banner of Synergyk unfolds. Participants are grouped at individual team tables, guided by a presenter through a sequence of minigames using audio-visual aids. These games are enriched with electronic elements like joysticks, buttons, and LEDs, creating a unique user experience. The minigames seamlessly blend puzzles, coordination, and various skills, providing participants with an enjoyable opportunity to showcase their abilities. The design of the minigames and the use of 8-bit music transport everyone back to the nostalgic atmosphere of the 1980s.

What will you learn?

In this game format, participants share a common environment, ensuring equal participation from all. Game mechanics promote collaboration, as individuals must rely on their team rather than advancing independently. In smaller groups, individual participation is essential. The game evaluates teams’ scores in each minigame, generating a comprehensive team report that highlights tested competencies. SYNERGYK provides employers and managers with valuable insights into participants’ strengths and weaknesses in problem-solving and collaboration, all while creating an enjoyable experience that enhances team dynamics.

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