Situation Room’: Where Communication Meets Success

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What’s the challenge?

“Situation Room” is a riveting themed business game where teams unlock secured briefcases using video briefs to uncover challenges and resources, essential for solving a Special Operations investigation into a criminal syndicate.

The program delivers “real-time” updates through Video Briefs at specific intervals, heightening the sense of urgency, as a countdown timer indicates the time until the next update. A central element is a briefcase with compartments (ALPHA / BRAVO / CHARLIE / DELTA). Each compartment, when unlocked, reveals challenges and resources. Teams must evaluate and conquer these to provide information for “Special Ops” action, facilitated through a secure device like an iPad with the Situation Room APP.

What will you learn? 

In “Situation Room,” teams must strategically think and use agile methods to ensure the right people receive the right information at the right time. This fosters an understanding of the vital role cross-functional communication plays in situational leadership and high-pressure performance.
The engaging theme and diverse tasks ensure participants are fully involved, leading to a deeper understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, team dynamics, and the effectiveness of collaboration. Dive into the world of strategic problem-solving and teamwork! ??? #SituationRoom #Teamwork #StrategicThinking

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