Seconds Away: Energizing Minds, Empowering Teams

Unlock your team’s potential by combining creative thinking and seamless teamwork within tight time constraints.

What’s the challenge?

“Seconds Away” is a high-speed team board game designed to assess product knowledge and enhance sales skills. While it’s simple for teams to recall their company values, the challenge arises when they have just 15 seconds to do so. This fast-paced game demands quick thinking as teams progress through the board, answering increasingly intricate time-based question cards customized to your business. We work closely with you prior to your meeting or conference to ensure that the game materials and accompanying tablet app are fully tailored to your specific needs.

“Seconds Away” also serves as a valuable onboarding tool, with questions that delve into company culture, assess business procedures, or evaluate health and safety protocols. As an additional feature, “Wellness” offers timed fitness workouts suitable for all fitness levels, further enhancing energy levels.

What will you learn?

Effective training should be enjoyable, meaningful, and captivating to achieve the greatest impact. With “Seconds Away,” you have access to a highly adaptable “bolt-on” learning platform that can turn your conference content into an engaging experience. The entertaining and interactive gameplay fosters team spirit, enhances participants’ focus, and improves their ability to retain information. “Seconds Away” promotes clear communication and quick decision-making, especially in high-pressure situations.
The distinctive board game-style materials provide a fresh context for evaluating knowledge retention and enriching the learning process. The lighthearted tone of the rules creates a relaxed and inclusive environment, allowing individuals to refine their skills and acknowledge the talents of their colleagues.

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