Race Around the World

This competitive virtual scavenger hunt is based on the hit TV show Amazing Race. It’s always a big win. Small teams must race around the world, earning points along the way by completing fun and educational travel-themed challenges.

Scavenger hunts have long been one of our top services. They’re inherently a lot of fun. Plus, they get teams of all sizes and shapes very involved, even when those teams are connected and working from different places.
In this version, teams find that the keys to success are actively listening to receive and understand messages, watching for facial cues, and communicating clearly. The Race Around the World has three levels, and each has a variety of fun, interactive team challenges. Each group chooses one explorer. Then, using our high-tech Go Team app, players work together via video conferencing to guide the explorer avatar for their team.
Teams must complete their tasks while earning as many points as possible. By responding quickly to real-time updates and notifications, you can make the most of these chances. A countdown clock for each stage keeps teams on their toes, and the last team to check in gets no time plan for the next stage of the journey. The first team to cross the finish line with the highest score wins and gets a lot of bragging rights.
Even when we are working from home, we all need to keep our sense of adventure and discovery alive. This is a great way to do that while getting to know your team better.

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