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Prepare your remote team for an emotional virtual summit of Mt. Everest. Together, you’ll need to manage your resources, keep an eye on the weather, and make smart decisions if you want to reach the top and get back down safely.





In this remote team-building activity, groups must work together to solve a series of problems by making quick, smart decisions. It’s a fun and effective way to improve teamwork and leadership skills through hands-on learning.
If you want to follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s most famous explorers and climbers, you will have to make hard and complicated decisions. Some of them could decide whether your teammates live or die. How will you get your materials out there? Which way are you going to go? How much of a chance are you ready to take? Who or what won’t be there?
Because this virtual experience is so complicated, each member of the team takes on a different role. As they move up the mountain, each person will need to share their own information with the rest of the group. To make a good plan, you have to think about things like how fit your clients are, the weather, the best way to get to the top, how your clients will adjust to the air pressure, and how much oxygen they will need. Teams have to decide what is most important for their guide to carry: tents, oxygen tanks, or clients. The team that climbs the mountain and gets the most points wins.
At the end of the activity, participants use reflective observation to talk about what happened. Then, they can compare what they saw to how things really work in the workplace. It’s a good way to change their behavior in a way that lasts and makes a difference.
*We can also do something good with this event. At a certain point, we help teams switch from competing with each other to working together. From then on, the points earned by each team will be used to pay school fees for poor children in Nepal. This is a good cause that goes well with the Himalayan journey.






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