Knowing Me Knowing You: Building Bridges, One Connection at a Time

Accumulate points for your team through effective networking and relationship-building efforts.

What’s the challenge?

Knowing Me Knowing You program commences with a preliminary team-building activity designed to form participant teams. Subsequently, participants are assigned the objective of identifying and accumulating a maximum number of shared professional and personal attributes with fellow participants, with the aim of accruing points for their respective teams. The program’s competitive framework, complemented by its distinctive game structure, ensures a high level of engagement and enthusiasm. At specified intervals, participants reconvene with their teams to tabulate their scores and receive information pertaining to their next objective. The process of networking and establishing connections resumes as participants interact within the environment until the conclusion of the program, at which point scores are aggregated, and the victorious teams are announced.

What will you learn? 

Knowing Me Knowing You represents a congenial team-building activity that serves to foster camaraderie and expedite the process of networking and relationship cultivation within a team. The significance of interpersonal relationships cannot be understated, and an intricately connected workforce is a valuable resource for any organization. Knowing Me Knowing You plays a pivotal role in forging a shared understanding among individuals, thereby facilitating the exchange of information and best practices, ultimately culminating in enhanced financial performance.


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