Hole In One: Making Greens Greener, Lives Brighter

Teams build a golf course out of unperishable goods, and then compete against each other by playing a game.

What’s The Challenges?

Hole in One transforms the traditional sport of golf into an engaging team-building activity by providing a miniature version that meaningfully engages everyone. Golf has always been a popular choice for business networking, whether on the fairway or in the conference room, and it is now even more thrilling.

In Hole in One, players work in teams to design and construct an exciting miniature golf course. Using the materials provided, each team creates a course that is not only difficult but also conceptually distinct and pleasurable. In addition, teams are responsible for creating their own putters, which they will use to maintain score during the final tournament.

What Will You Learn?

Hole In One is a dynamic activity that encourages active participation in a variety of facets, from answering difficult questions to creative course design and construction to experiencing the excitement on the green. During the mini golf course design process, creativity and ingenuity are stimulated while communication and project management skills are utilized. Participants have a great time and depart feeling fulfilled!

Results of Corporate Social Responsibility
After the team-building activity, the collected food will be donated to a local charity of your choosing. Participants can contribute by bringing food donations to the event, or canned and dry goods can be provided based on your intended giving budget. This promotes social responsibility and the pleasure of giving back.

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