Haunted House Virtual Escape Room

Teams of 4–5 people use an app to compete to be the first to escape a virtual haunted house. They solve tricky clues and do funny photo challenges while being led by one of our well-known event hosts.






This immersive team-building activity is full of fun and interesting challenges that are all designed to improve teamwork and develop a brave mindset. These lessons can be used in the workplace. Teams that learn to stay calm under pressure are able to think more logically as they work on solving problems together.
This fun adventure really comes to life with flickering candles, ghostly visitors, and creepy sound effects. Each team chooses one player to be their Ghost Whisperer. They do this on their phones. Other team members take on the roles of investigators. To get out of six different rooms, each team must lead their Whisperer to solve clues and complete three scary mental challenges.
The game is made to encourage teams to work together and value each person’s ideas. As trust grows in a team, people learn to let go of their fear of failing. Now they have the courage to speak up and make their thoughts and opinions clear. It’s a powerful lesson in how to achieve success by working together and using deductive reasoning.
By making the important parts of courageous teamwork into a game, Haunted House Virtual Escape Room gives your team a memorable shared experience that they can think back on long after the activity is over. Participants have so much fun that they often forget that they are actually learning valuable lessons in cooperation, teamwork, and confidence.
Just one more example of the Power of Play, a real superpower if there ever was one.





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