Global Innovation

During this fun event, teams work together to come up with great ideas for new products. Each team votes on which idea from their table is the best. Then, they try to get funding by pitching the idea to everyone in the room.

Global Innovation is meant to encourage creativity and new ideas, as well as to reward people who work well as a team. This is a great way to stretch the minds of people on your team who are already known for being creative. Even if you don’t usually think of yourself as creative, it’s a good reminder that we’re all innovators in some way.

Another benefit of this one-of-a-kind program? It gives you a chance to spend time solving problems and coming up with ideas without using technology. We’re going back to the basics, that’s right. You will use face-to-face conversations, brainstorming, and even quiet times of deep thought. We hear over and over again how nice it is for teams to finally take a break from search engines, spreadsheets, and being in front of a screen in general. This is your opportunity.

The way this event goes is decided by a set of cards that were made just for it. Each team gets a set of Tech, Data, and Object cards that are chosen at random. They’ll use these as ideas to come up with new Services, Tools, or Smart Objects. Teams pick their best ideas, make sure they are good, and then give a two-minute pitch to the whole group. Then, each team decides where it wants to put its “money.” This event is a good mix of working together, competing, and having fun.

*Also available as a virtual event or a combination of both.

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