Give Backpack: Where Teamwork Meets Compassion

Foster team unity through acts of kindness towards the less fortunate.

What’s the challenge?

Give Backpack is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) team-building initiative that involves teams undertaking a variety of engaging challenges to assemble backpacks for the homeless. These enjoyable, engaging, and occasionally challenging tasks are conveyed to each team through tablet devices. Participants submit their responses, including photos and videos of their endeavors. Upon successful task completion, teams earn rewards in the form of items to stock their backpacks. These items comprise non-perishable food and essential toiletries. Design and functionality are crucial considerations for the backpack, and the teams must adhere to the specified criteria set at the program’s commencement. When the backpacks are fully assembled, the champion team is revealed! The winning team is presented with an additional contribution to support a worthy cause through B1G1. The completed backpacks are graciously donated to a local homeless shelter.

What will you learn?

Give Backpack provides a chance to bring your team together while making a positive impact on those in need. This program fosters creativity and problem-solving skills among participants. The act of giving enhances individual morale and instills a sense of pride and ownership within the team. Give Backpack is designed to help those in need while creating a memorable, shared experience that will leave a lasting impression long after the program concludes.

The CSR Results:

The backpacks crafted by teams in the “Give Backpack” program are distributed to individuals experiencing homelessness with the assistance of a nearby charitable organization.


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