Flat Out Formula One: Accelerate Your Team’s Success

Rev up your team’s collaboration and competition with our thrilling team-building experience! Challenge your group to construct and race life-size Formula 1 cars, fostering teamwork and driving your team’s success on and off the track.

What’s The Challenges?

In ‘Flat Out – Formula 1 Teams,’ players take part in an exhilarating task in which they have a set amount of time to create an almost full-size Formula 1 racing vehicle from a flat-pack kit. Teams use their imaginations to adorn their cars after they are built, making them stand out on the racecourse. The Grand Prix moment eventually arrives as the suspense increases. One team member drives the car along the track as the other drivers line up their cars at the starting line and the checkered flag is raised.

The event culminates in a grand awards ceremony when the top three teams are recognised for their accomplishments in this thrilling and cooperative team-building exercise. They are given a podium moment to celebrate.

What Will You Learn?

The vital duty of effectively allocating roles and tasks while promoting close cross-functional collaboration falls to teams. In order to make sure that the construction goes according to plan and doesn’t take longer than expected, this coordination is essential. The challenge is great, and in order to succeed, each team member must actively participate and interact.

Teams can use their artistic and creative abilities to improve the look of their F1 cars in this endeavour. Teams practise a lot in order to perfect their procedures because the final race frequently depends on quick pit stops. The teams’ healthy competitive spirit is fostered by these exercises, which help them improve their teamwork and provide an exciting and skill-enhancing experience.

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