Escape the Virtual Mob

This fast-paced online adventure combines fun escape room-style challenges with the latest online team building technology. Teams work together to look for clues, solve brain teasers, and do other things as they compete for points.

Escape games are still very popular everywhere. And murder mystery-style challenges always go over well with people who like to have fun while using their brains. This one-of-a-kind event brings together our favorite parts of both events.
The set-up: Last night, your team was out celebrating a birthday. Today, you wake up to the shocking news that a daring robbery happened while you were out on the town. Someone was able to steal a stash of valuable diamonds from the nightclub owned by a well-known Mob boss, and he is furious beyond words.
Since your group happened to go to the same club, the Mob is now on your trail. Now you have 90 minutes to get your story straight and figure out the exact time you were there. You need to go back over your steps, come up with a solid alibi, and then find the stolen diamonds. Your lives depend on it.
To stay alive, teams need to use their very different strengths to come up with creative solutions. In the end, all the teams must put their clues together to make a complete alibi and find the diamonds.
Teamwork is always very important. In this high-energy virtual team building activity, it’s a matter of life and death.

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