CSI La Hacienda: Unravel the Mysterious Death

Immerse yourself in a thrilling 3D whodunnit where secrets and suspense unravel as you uncover clues, solve puzzles, and reveal the truth. Put on your detective hat and embark on a captivating journey to decipher the enigma.

What’s the challenge?

Teams work together in person to unravel the enigma of Roberto Gonzalez’s death at his Hacienda. With the aid of a meticulously prepared detective briefcase, tangible evidence, and a user-friendly web-based 360 Virtual Touring Platform, teams embark on a quest to decipher the mysteries within the Gonzalez Family Hacienda.

The game app introduces teams to a series of riddles and challenges. Teams submit their answers through the app, unlocking valuable clues to assist them in their quest. Along their journey through each room of the Hacienda, teams discover items that aid in their investigation. Employing deductive reasoning and reaching a group consensus, teams systematically eliminate suspects. The team that provides precise answers to the riddles and challenges in the shortest time emerges as the victor and discovers the truth.

CSI La Hacienda promotes effective teamwork and logical problem-solving, fostering unity and trust among participants. It’s an engaging journey where collective intellect prevails.

What will you learn?

In CSI La Hacienda, participants use careful observation to gather info. They share their findings with the team through good communication. Teams think carefully and reflect on facts to understand them. They use logical thinking and talk through ideas to agree as a team. In a hurry, teams that solve the mystery work together using creative thinking. This game strengthens trust and teamwork.

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