In less than an hour, your team will learn how to play together as a string orchestra during this event. Our unique approach leads to great results, even for people who have never played music before.





In today’s fast-paced, always-changing business world, it’s important to be able to change quickly. Adaptation helps a team keep being productive, flexible, and strong. This workshop is a good way to learn.
Crescendo uses the power of music to bring people together and help teams do things that seem impossible. Most people don’t think it’s possible to learn to play an instrument in less than an hour. But it is possible if everyone works together as a group and has the same goal in mind.
This musical activity for building teams has a lot of great benefits. Music is a great way to help people learn. It makes your brain release dopamine, which makes you feel happy and makes you think positively. And when teams make music together, it brings them closer together and helps them work together better than almost anything else.
At the start of the event, our instructors will play music for the people there. Think about how they’ll look when we tell them they’ll soon be doing the same thing. When teachers give each student a violin or a viola, people are surprised at first, but then they start to get interested. They get a practical lesson that teaches them the basics, and then everyone learns the simple part they’ll play at the big show. And all of a sudden, everyone is making music, real music, with the help of a pre-recorded backing track.






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