Commercial Break: Reel It In, Reap Success—Teams Rule the Commercial Break!

Immerse your team in the world of creativity as they design and produce a “Cinema-Style” commercial. From concept to execution, teams will navigate the intricacies of filmmaking, incorporating cinematic flair into their advertisements. This hands-on experience challenges participants to blend innovative ideas with strategic planning, resulting in the production of compelling and visually stunning commercials. Engage in the art of storytelling and filmmaking, as teams collaborate to bring their cinematic visions to life in this dynamic and entertaining challenge.

What’s the challenge?

Enter the world of Commercial Break, where teams step into the shoes of an advertising agency, honing their teamwork skills as they craft an engaging commercial. Each team is assigned a subject and theme for their commercial, along with the necessary equipment, including props and a tablet or camera. The creative process kicks off with planning, brainstorming, and scriptwriting. Teams then translate their ideas into a visual narrative by sketching an outline on a storyboard, sourcing props, determining filming locations, selecting music, and assigning roles and responsibilities. The real magic happens as teams film each scene in sequence, adapting their plans to the dynamic realities of the filming process.

What will you learn?

Triumphant teams decipher the brief and transform their imaginative concepts into reality, navigating the challenges of time and resources. The key to success lies in creative thinking, effective communication, and attentive listening, all of which are crucial for developing a captivating storyline. Given the absence of editing, meticulous planning and sequential filming become imperative. Every team member, whether a scriptwriter, director, camera operator, or actor, plays a vital role, requiring skillful teamwork to coordinate these diverse responsibilities. In the midst of filming, unforeseen challenges may arise, demanding leadership, agile thinking, and a steadfast focus on a shared goal to ensure the team delivers an exceptional commercial within the designated time frame.

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