City Build: Constructing Connections, Building Success

Teams collaborate to construct a massive model city.

What’s the challenge?

In City Build, teams are tasked with designing specific sections of a model city, each featuring industrial, residential, leisure, and business districts, connected by a network of roads, railways, and waterways. While each team focuses on its designated section, collaboration with other teams ensures a holistic approach, maintaining a consistent design throughout the zones and seamless transportation network integration. Employing a diverse array of materials, they construct an innovative and aesthetically pleasing city that remains highly functional. As the clock winds down, teams come together, uniting the sections of the city, and celebrate their collective achievement in pursuit of a shared objective.

What will you learn?

Teams collaborate to establish a unified vision and a shared strategy, which they put into action by harnessing creativity and exceptional project management skills. Effective planning and strategy, facilitated by strong cross-team communication and collaboration, are pivotal in ensuring the seamless interconnectedness and flow of the city’s various zones. The infusion of creativity within a structured design framework guarantees a city that is not only functional and practical but also exquisitely beautiful. Prudent resource allocation and time management are equally indispensable for timely project completion. City Build stands as an enjoyable, enduring, collective endeavor that thrives on active participation from all individuals, fostering positive team dynamics and fostering collaboration across the entire group to secure success.

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