Building A Dream

Using Building A Dream, hundreds of corporations have donated nearly 20,000 bicycles to grateful children throughout the world. The Building A Dream program is our absolute favorite of all the team-building activities we provide.

Do you recall receiving your first bicycle as a gift, perhaps for a birthday or the holidays? There is something magical and eternal about the experience that we all share. This philanthropic event gives this happiness straight to local children who would never have the opportunity to experience such pure enthusiasm.

Hoang TeamBuilding collaborates with local children’s organizations to organize this uplifting event. The program is extremely effective, instantly engaging participants in ways that the majority have never before encountered.

Our charity bike build motivates individuals to work harder and with greater passion than if they were working for themselves alone. It’s a wonderful chance to practice teamwork and collaboration with a positive objective in mind. If desired, we may even be able to arrange for children to be there to accept their brand-new bicycles. If there is such a thing as the ideal team-building activity, this must be it.

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