Bookworx: Crafting Knowledge Nooks for a Brighter Tomorrow

Participate in a hands-on corporate charity event by stuffing backpacks with school supplies like notebooks, pencils, erasers, and more. But first they must participate in a series of exciting mental and physical team challenges to earn them.

What’s The Challenge?

CSR BookWorx is a novel venture centred on building and decorating bookshelves together as a team. Teams are divided into groups and given tasks to do as they design, build, and decorate their own libraries. This exciting event starts with a brainstorming session.

Half of each team’s members take on the task of creating a mural with a complex topic that will act as the gallery’s eye-catching backdrop. Half of the group immerses themselves in a practical decorating session, painstakingly transforming the bookshelves into breathtaking works of art. When everything is said and done, each team will give a presentation of their creation, outlining the meaning and aesthetic symbolism, and then kindly donate it to a local organisation that is in need.

What will you learn?

Corruption BookWorx encourages people to think more deeply about the value of educational materials and emphasises the positive effects of little but meaningful acts we can do to help others. This experience fosters a sense of unity and purpose via the shared creativity and passion of its participants.

Additionally, teams can acquire books to make sure the donated bookcases are well stocked. Over time, they can keep adding to the collection, forging lasting relationships and making a lasting impression.

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