Atmosphere: Crafting a Cooperative Environment

Lead your team to advance humanity!

What’s the challenge?

The teams are greeted with an engaging video that highlights the pressing need for improvements in Mars’ atmosphere. These teams are on an exciting journey to create a hospitable and healthy environment on the Red Planet. While the current conditions on Mars are tolerable for survival, achieving an atmosphere suitable for living and collaborative work requires additional effort from the teams. Failure to overcome the challenges will result in a deteriorating atmosphere, marking their mission as unsuccessful. Can these teams uncover the ideal formula to perfect their new Martian environment?

What will you learn?

“Atmosphere” is an enjoyable and interactive educational game that enhances teamwork and problem-solving skills within an engaging and immersive environment. Effective individuals are recognized for their strong communication skills and active listening abilities. As the game unfolds, team members grasp the importance of each person’s responsibility to foster a positive and conducive environment for successful collaboration. The light-hearted structure serves as a platform for enhancing team dynamics and chemistry. Moreover, “Atmosphere” helps you identify the critical components within your team’s dynamics.

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