Trade Winds: Set Sail for Wealth in this High-Stakes Trading Adventure!

Engage in a spirited competition as teams vie for success in the art of trading to boost their wealth. In this dynamic challenge, strategic maneuvers and shrewd decision-making are the keys to financial prosperity. May the savviest traders emerge victorious in this thrilling contest of economic prowess!

What’s the challenge?

Embark on a seafaring adventure with Trade Winds, where each team assumes the role of a pirate crew arriving with a ship laden with precious “booty” for trade. The objective is to amass treasure by cultivating relationships with fellow traders in port, all while employing cunning strategies to gather essential market information. The game unfolds in four cycles, spanning four years. Each year begins with teams engaging in trade activities and concludes with their return to port to collect bounties on specific goods. As the game evolves, teams establish connections with other crews and share acquired knowledge in their pursuit of accumulating wealth.

What will you learn?

Dive into a thrilling, fast-paced, and deeply engaging pirate-themed game with Trade Winds, where participants navigate the art of negotiation, information gathering, and networking. This highly versatile game captivates participants from the start, generating a charged and immersive atmosphere. At its core, the game revolves around building trust in customer relationships, with the teams’ ability to manage this trust serving as the key to their success. Despite its competitive nature, the most triumphant teams are those that collaborate with others, striving for win-win outcomes while simultaneously prioritizing their own bottom-line results.


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