Peak Performance

In this action-packed competition, teams compete to finish a 20-day journey to Mount Everest’s summit and back. Along the way, obstacles include a timed tent assembly, a sleeping bag filling competition, and a freeze-dried food tasting test.

We intended Peak Performance to be an emotionally engaging and memorable learning experience. This exhilarating mountain climbing game will intellectually and physically test your team. It has the capacity to alter people’s knowledge and outlook on several elements of business and life.
Gamification is an efficient method for achieving longer-lasting outcomes in less time when utilized as a learning tool. Peak Performance fully utilizes this effective technique. It combines the thrill of friendly competition with captivating themes, tactile components, and significant connections to the work world.
Your group will be divided into climbing teams, with each team member fulfilling a certain function. Each day, teams must plot how they will ascend the mountain. This requires balancing crucial aspects such as weather conditions, strategic routes, air pressure acclimatization, oxygen consumption, and physical fitness. They must also determine if their guides will carry tents, oxygen tanks, or customers. Always, there are compromises.
After everyone has returned safely to base camp, the team with the most points is named the winner. Photos of each team standing in arctic attire are an excellent way to immortalize your event and make for excellent social media and mailing material.
Team size: 10 – 100
Time needed: 2 – 3 hours
Space requirement
This indoor sport needs a spacious, private venue with circular tables and seats for each team. Additionally, you will need four big rectangular tables for event materials at the front of the room, as well as a huge screen and projector with an HDMI connection. For parties greater than 50, a microphone and speaker system will be required.
Ideal for
  • Emphasizing strategic decision making
  • Improving project management skills
  • Managing risks as a team
  • Focus on planning versus action


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