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Prepare your remote team for an emotionally engaging simulated Everest climb. Together, you will need to manage resources, analyze circumstances, and make intelligent choices in order to reach the summit and return safely.

In this remote team-building exercise, teams are required to make quick, informed judgments while completing a series of tasks. Experiential learning is a fun and effective technique to increase leadership abilities and team engagement.
Following in the footsteps of some of the world’s most renowned explorers and climbers, you will be faced with hard decisions and challenging alternatives. Some might determine whether your teammates live or die. How will your contents be distributed? Which route will you take? What level of risk are you prepared to assume? Who or what will be abandoned?
Due to the intricacy of this virtual experience, each member of the team assumes a distinct function. As the group ascends the mountain, each member will need to properly convey specific knowledge to the broader group. Effective planning necessitates assessing variables such as customer fitness, weather circumstances, strategic paths to the top, air pressure acclimatization, and oxygen use. Teams must prioritize which items their guide will transport: tents, oxygen tanks, or customers. The winning squad is the one that gets the most points on their ascent.
To conclude the experience, participants determine what transpired throughout the exercise via reflective observation. They may then compare their observations to the actual dynamics of the workplace. It is a successful method for achieving persistent, significant behavioral changes.
This event might also have a philanthropic component. We direct teams to transition from competitiveness to cooperation at a predefined moment. From that point on, each team’s points will be used to fund the education of disadvantaged children in Nepal. This noble cause fits in wonderfully with the Himalayan expedition.
Team size: 8 – 100
Time needed: 2 – 2.5 hrs
Space requirement
Each participant must have a computer equipped with a camera, microphone, and a steady Internet connection. Typically, this program is given through Zoom. Simply let us know if you prefer a different video conferencing platform.
Ideal for
  • Engaging remote teams
  • Strategy & decision making
  • Project management skills
  • Managing risks as a team
  • Planning vs. action


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