Go Team – High Tech Scavenger Hunts

Using iPads and our proprietary GPS software, our contemporary scavenger hunts are the ideal method for groups to explore their surroundings. They will go to several GPS hotspots in order to capture photographs, videos, and other amusing targets.

Indoors or outdoors, our huge scavenger hunts are always a certain success. There is an ideal blend of friendly rivalry, adventure, comedy, and collaboration. Each of our hunts may be tailored to accommodate your company’s culture, location(s), and time limitations. We may also customize your search to represent the topic of your conference, your company’s logo, or anything else that is essential to you.
As teams disperse in quest of victory, a live leaderboard allows them to follow the progress of rivals. The leaderboard is a potent technique to maintain the event’s enthusiasm and participation sky-high.
We can conduct your search almost anywhere in the globe, even in numerous areas at once. The technology fueling your quest is now accessible in ninety nations, giving you several possibilities.
Outdoor Hunts
The city streets provide a fantastic arena for exploration, education, and competition with other teams. Your party may search for spies, negotiate a massive labyrinth, visit local bars, or play Team-Opoly utilizing the city as a gigantic game board. Discuss with us the optimal alternative for your team.
Indoor Hunts
There is an indoor search suitable for any team and location. Our game designers and facilitators are able to convert any location into a high-tech, interactive treasure hunt. Customization is a superpower in our environment. If you are contemplating a treasure hunt team development event, we would love to hear your thoughts.
Team size: 20 – 1,200
Time needed: 1,5+ hours
Space requirement
Our hunts may be conducted almost everywhere. It is advantageous to have a spacious space where teams may assemble and be briefed on the regulations. This is also where the final point tally and awards will take place. If your offices are dispersed throughout the nation (or the globe), we will manage this component electronically.
Ideal for
  • Team away days
  • Training & development
  • Company social events
  • Conference breakout activities
  • Location-based games that can last a day, a week more


We can customize your Go Team with photos, questions, and challenges to accomplish any goal. Do you want fun and crazy? No issue. Or maybe you would like something with quantifiable team results. Our advanced in-app feedback tool was developed just for you. We can even cover the whole event in your company’s logo for a really customized experience.

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