Escape The Maze

This high-energy team-building activity combines the pleasure of a treasure hunt with the strategic difficulties of an excellent escape game. Prepare your company for a thrilling, action-packed experience.

Important roles are played by responsibility, communication, and time management in this competitive team-building activity. Each team uses GPS maps to navigate their real-world expedition while simultaneously striving to escape the virtual world reflected on their tablets.
Teams go through a succession of simulated sectors and checkpoints. Each is intended to assess team dynamics and test participants’ ability to communicate effectively while on the go. When a team reaches a GPS-activated checkpoint, they have access to more useful information that determines their future steps. They make judgments under pressure based on trust, leadership, and fresh learning while working closely together.
This event is impressive, unforgettable, and quite enjoyable.
Team size: 10 – 1000
Time needed: 90 min. – 2.5 hrs
Space requirement
Our event professionals can transform any city or location into a customized labyrinth. Importantly, we must choose a site for the big finale. This location must have an appropriate-sized screen, projector, and sound system for the size of your gathering.
Ideal for
  • Fun morale booster
  • Energizing a conference
  • Leadership training
  • Problem solving
  • Improving team dynamics


We will tailor this activity to operate flawlessly in your selected indoor or outdoor area. We can simply alter the event’s dynamics to be more collaborative and less competitive. Would you want your company’s logo, culture, and/or mission statement to be weaved throughout your event? Just inform us of your intentions.

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