City Build

In this interactive, hands-on exercise, your group will design and construct a tiny urban setting using everyday materials. You will collaborate to design residential and commercial areas, highways, and rivers.

City Build is a memorable, enjoyable activity that stresses teamwork and excellent team chemistry. Planning, planning, and clear communication are vital for guaranteeing the connectivity and flow of your city’s zones. A time constraint necessitates the use of time and resource management abilities.
Each team is allotted a certain zone to construct. These comprise industrial, residential, recreational, and commercial areas, as well as infrastructural elements such as roads, trains, and rivers that link them. In order for a city to work as a whole, teams must collaborate successfully as they establish their plans; a common vision helps preserve coherence throughout the many zones. The objective is for teams to create portions that are both practical and visually beautiful.
After completing the different pieces, we join them together to produce a grand unveiling. This is a terrific moment for everyone to pause and consider what they’ve done together. The outcomes may not be flawless. But it’s all part of the experience; with the correct attitude, both wins and mistakes may provide laughter and learning. Similar to real life.
Team size: 20 – 200
Time needed: 2 – 3 hours
Space requirement
Large interior space, such as a private meeting room or ballroom, is required. Each team is required to have a circular table with chairs for every member. Additionally, we will need two to three long tables for event materials at the front of the room. For groups of fifty or more, a microphone and speaker system are required.
Ideal for
  • Project management
  • Resource/time management
  • Strategy
  • Boosting creativity
  • Project kickoffs


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