Boom Time

A lightweight plastic tube tuned to a certain musical pitch is the Boomwhacker. The use of these basic color-coded instruments will convert your company into a humorous symphony. Obviously, collaboration is essential.

This musical team-building game is meant to invigorate and unite any group. It fosters openness, communication, and cooperation by requiring participation and collaboration from all parties. It is a fantastic method to relieve stress while having fun with coworkers.
Each Boomwhacker’s color indicates the note it plays when struck. A big screen shows color-coded blocks that indicate when individuals should strike their instruments. When a colored block strikes a key, participants utilize timing and coordination to strike their tubes and generate musical notes. As the event continues, the tempo and intricacy of the music get more difficult. As the rhythm builds to a rousing crescendo, teams compete to maintain the beat as the colored blocks accelerate.
Boom Time is an excellent icebreaker and energizer for conferences. This event will captivate, excite, and invigorate everyone within hearing distance. As a global sensation in team development, we’ve utilized it to ignite conferences and inspire teams of all sizes.

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