Prepare to dance and groove in this amazing team-building exercise focused on music. BeatsWork has the ability to convert any team into a thunderous percussion ensemble. No previous musical experience necessary.

Teaching your employees the language of music is an excellent approach to improve their communication and listening abilities outside of the workplace. This drumming experience is very motivating for teams. Of course, it is also really enjoyable.
Your squad will be instructed by a professional percussionist in small groups on the fundamentals of samba beats and breaks. After a number of rhythm-based warmup activities, kids quickly transition to actual drums and percussion instruments. Each group focuses on a distinct collection of rhythms and instruments.
After everyone has trained their newly acquired talents, they reunite for a thunderous group drum performance. Colleagues beat, shake, stomp, and drum in unison as a demonstration of collaboration. It’s always amazing to see introverted, reticent individuals emerge from their shells due to the social force of resonating music. You never can tell.
BeatsWork is an inclusive activity in which every participant is assigned a role. It serves as a superb metaphor for teams functioning in unison to achieve more than the sum of their separate parts.
Team size: 15 – 250
Time needed: 2 – 3 hours
Space requirement
You will need a spacious, secluded room, preferably one that is soundproof. The use of team breakout rooms is strongly suggested. Chairs are not required. For gatherings greater than 50, a microphone and speaker system are required. Additionally, we recommend installing a riser as a raised stage.
Ideal for
  • Energizing a conference
  • Improving team dynamics
  • Learning a new skill
  • Share the language of music


TeamBonding is completely customizable. Would you want components of your company’s logo, culture, and/or mission statement incorporated into the introduction and debrief of your program? Just inform us of your intentions.

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