Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt

In this game, which is loosely based on the popular television show The Amazing Race, teams choose their own route and complete challenges along the way. This exciting event is tailored to the neighborhood of your choice and keeps teams on their toes as they compete for the most points!

This high-tech scavenger hunt turns any area into an amazing race full of interaction and adventure! The Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt is built specifically for your team, which means trails can be set up in any destination and on any terrain. Our team will work with you to design a trail with challenges that match your desired learning and team-building outcomes. How’s that for amazing?

Teams will first meet with their lead facilitator and assistants to go over the rules and download their instructions. One member from each team will need a mobile phone to download the app to receive their challenges and tasks. Once the game is in play, teams will race around the map to complete fun and memorable challenges – all the while taking photos and videos that we share with you after the event.

But that’s not it. Along with the typical scavenger hunt tasks and missions, The Amazing Race features an additional 3 distinct challenges for your team to complete:

  • A Detour Challenge
  • A Fast Forward Challenge
  • A Roadblock Challenge

As teams spread out in search of victory, a live leaderboard lets them keep track of competitors’ progress and keep their energy and engagement sky-high throughout the event.

Team size: 10 – Unlimited

Time needed: 2 – 2.5 hours

Space requirement

Our hunts can be staged nearly anywhere. Having one large area where teams can all gather to kick things off and explain the rules is helpful. This is also where everyone will end up for the final point tally and awards. If you have offices spread across the country (or around the world), we’ll handle this part virtually.

Ideal for

  • Team away days
  • Training & development
  • Friendly competition
  • Company social events
  • Conference breakout activities
  • Location-based games that can last a day, a week more


We can personalize your Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt with images, questions, and challenges to address any objective. Do you want fun and crazy? No problem. Or maybe you’d prefer something a bit more serious, with measurable team outcomes. Our sophisticated in-app feedback module was built for you. We can even wrap the whole event in your company’s brand identity, for a truly personalized adventure.

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