1) We make you look good.

When you hire HoangTeamBuilding, you’re assured of a professionally designed, developed and executed program that supports your agenda and your goals. Whether you’re planning a corporate off-site outing, annual meeting, or departmental training event, we can work with you, your committees, senior managers, or staff to address specific needs and objectives. Best of all, we keep you informed and manage all the details for your program, so you don’t have to.

2) Customization is our middle name.

Just tell us about your team and your objectives and we’ll take care of the rest. HoangTeam Building’s extensive programming offers a vast array of choices and opportunities for customization. We’ll always match the program to your needs, because what may work for a new sales team may not work for a scientific research team. There are no cookie cutter solutions. We design dynamic, fun, relevant programs that help deliver results.

3) No smoke & mirrors.

When you work with Hoang Team Building, you are dealing directly with the company that is handling your program from start to finish, with accountability and control of all logistics. This is important because some team building companies are merely clearinghouses that redirect the work to others. We are ONE company with dedicated staff committed to your results.

4) Proven experience with the world’s largest companies.

For more than 12 years, Hoang Team Building has been trusted by the giants of business and industry to create and conduct unique events in Vietnam and abroad. Our client list is extensive, and so is our ability to handle all the details for a perfect event. We will do the same for you.

5) We helped pioneer the Team Building industry.

That’s right.  developed many unique programs that have become standards within the industry. Photographic scavenger hunts. Team Cuisine. Bike Builds. They all started here. And we’re still a leader in creating new interactive and innovative events that build teamwork, boost morale, and provide unforgettable shared experiences for employees.

6) Our talented team defines the WOW factor.

Our Hoang Team Building trained Facilitators understand the science of how employees work and learn together, and the nuances of group dynamics. They’re also intelligent, articulate and contagiously energetic. When they engage and energize large, diverse groups of people and make it look easy, you know something special is going on. And so will your team.

7) Inside, Outside, Upside Down: Your Choice.

With more than 150 dynamic indoor and outdoor team building programs, Hoang Team Building has programs that take place wherever and however you need them to. From hotels to casinos, boats to beaches, offices to islands, even the park down the street, we’ve led programs in every imaginable location. Want your team to learn something new, embrace change, be spontaneous, cooperate and communicate? Our events do all that and more, with FUN as the primary ingredient!

8) Travel is never an issue for us.

Based in 5 large Vietnam cities including Ho Chi Minh City, Danang, Hanoi, Halong, Hoi An and Sa Pa, Hoang Team Building has created wildly successful events throughout Vietnam and as far away as Singapore, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. We arrange our own travel plans, and since we utilize a network of local talent to assist our trained Lead Facilitators, travel expenses are greatly minimized.

9) Hoang Team Building is more than Team Building.

Expanding your team’s understanding and appreciation of one another happens effortlessly at a Hoang Team Building event. Led by Facilitators who understand that partnership is fortified when new insights, connections and revelations are discovered together, your team will bond as the event unfolds. The difference is that typical team building merely constructs a connection, while team bonding helps build relationships.

10) Variety is the spice of life.

Hoang Team Building’s vast array of programming offers distinct advantages. Within each category of fun programs, there are choices galore to give you options for doing something truly unique to achieve your objectives. Your team could become spies, chefs, detectives, filmmakers, comedians, chocolate or wine connoisseurs, athletes, competitors, game show contestants, builders… you get the picture.